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Each of ROLF oil products provides two performance benefits: it has high quality and it works.

ROLF Lubricants technologies created by best professionals have been enabling the production of modern lubricants for many years. Unlike transnational oil corporations that largely benefit from fuel and energy resources sales, our commitment is to produce oil of high level of quality and innovations.

Our principle "Quality without compromising" reflects our corporate philosophy to provide focused oil products portfolio. All ROLF Lubricants products meet the requirements of the world's leading automotive manufacturers and are the tools both for the best protection and achieving of maximum efficiency in the operation of the engine. So you can be sure that your car running at peak efficiency under the most extreme temperatures and conditions.

Over 40 mln cars run along the roads of Germany and figures for Russia are about the same. This enables us to view Russia as one of our first-priority markets. I am sure that ROLF launch into the Russian market in 2015 is a good news for all Russian car owners as we are keen to bring our long-year consumer and customer relations experience.

Our corporate policy aims to make the brand commercially attractive for vendors of all levels: competitive price of Rolf oils and our effective marketing solutions give an excellent opportunity to develop and expand the business of any scale.

You may rest assured that you are not just our client but our equal partner.
Best regards,
Herr S. Metzker 



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